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3 days to go!


You still have 3 days to signup!!  If you’re thinking about tryin3-twitter.140350g veganism, do yourself a favour and pop on over to the Veganuary Site. 

The site is packed with all the tools you could possibly need, for example;

and much more…..




I love sprouts!  Mybeing fare sprouter sprouter works very hard and I’ve had to buy another to deal with the mung beans.  What happens is that I like sprouting them until they grow leaves, and then they push the tray above them and everything starts looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!!

So, I bought a  new one today for the mung beans and I’ll use the old one for other smaller sprouts. This one is slightly bigger and very reasonably priced.  It’s called Being Fare Sprouter and it costs under 10€.  Got to order some new seeds, which I will get from here, once I’ve decided which I want.

Oooh, and I also bought some hemp seeds which are apparently SUPER good for you! And some Goji Berries, which I’ve never tried, but after researching alkaline superfoods and watching this YouTube video am sorry I’ve never tried them before! Wow – awesome stuff! Can´t wait to try them!

Handy sprouting info.

Herbal infusion #2


So, I’ve been doing a little research and have bought 9 new herbs online to make a second herbal infusion.  I’m aiming at working on my nerves (I have a degenerative nerve disease cgotu kolaalled CMT), my thyroid, adrenals and asthma (which I apparently may or may not have. Asthma that is.  It’s a long story) . I ordered from Baldwins in the UK.  They have an impressive range and deliver to Europe.  I hope they get here before the end of December, as I’m starting my ‘detox’ on 1st January.  I’m also hoping the mixture is as pleasant tasting as the one I’m drinking now.

  • Gotu-Kola
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Skullcap
  • Mullein
  • Fenugreek
  • Bladderwrack
  • Bugleweed
  • Irish Moss
  • Saw Palmetto

Secret Santa 2014

Ittti pressie 2014

Pressie for Itti (Netherlands): Mixed media owl painting, handmade art journal with a forest theme (which I sequined), eye pillow (filled with flaxeseed), Rooibos ginger tea, Toblerone, a couple of postcards and water-paintbrushes (you fill the barrel with water).

Every year I take part in Secret Santa on Illustrated ATCs – it’s such fun making gifts for our partners.  Each person that participates fills out a questionnaire with their likes and dislikes and we make the gifts accordingly.  There are also little shop bought bits thrown in.  I haven´t opened the pressies I received yet – waiting for Christmas – the suspense is half the fun!


Pressie for Kittenheart (Sweden): Moomin watercolour, postcard-sized painting of Cadaqués, Toblerone, a couple of postcards, box of oil pastels, Rooibos tea (original) and handmade art journal with an Alice in Wonderland theme (which I quilted).

What I really enjoy about Secret Santa is the chance to challenge yourself a bit.  I have now learned how to make handmade journals!  As a vegan I obviously didn´t want to use leather to bind them, which allowed me to be more creative with the covers and really make them fit each of my partners.

025 009

Iridology & Sclerology


I’m interested in learning more about Sclerology as well as Iridiology, as my scleras seem to be saying quite a lot right now. Current photos of my eyes here.  I have just found a recorded seminar on Youtube by John Whitman Ray that addresses just this.  There’s more than 10 hours of material here….. sure to keep me busy for a while!

sclerology leftsclerology right



Nobody needs to throw a bucket of water over their heads with this challenge

Are you vegan and have friends or family who might be interested? Or, are you taking part and it would be better if your mates joined you?

Simply share this picture and tag in those who you think should try vegan this January.

And send them to this page to take the pledge:


veganuary challenge

Natural art supplies


Rosemary & Co. watercolour brush

I wanted to share these links – these companies produce superb art supplies.  If you love art as much as I do, or have kids, have a look!

Dry Skin Brushing


Dry-Skin-BrushingDry skin brushing is a big part of detoxing properly. We eliminate up to 2 pounds of metabolic wastes and toxins per day through our skin.  The advantages of dry skin brushing include;

  • elimates dead skin cells
  • improves circulation
  • helps get the lymphatic system moving
  • keeps skin looking fresh and vibrant

There are various ‘systems’ of body brushing, but it’s important to;

  • always brush towards the heart
  • use a dry (natural) brush before showering
  • use common sense (don´t brush over cuts, varicose veins and that sort of thing)
  • wash and sun dry your brush once a week.
  • brush 2 – 7 days per week

I found a great video on Green Smoothie Girl demonstrating Dr. Berwosky’s brushing system. They’ve also got a step-by-step chart.