Secret Santa 2014

Ittti pressie 2014

Pressie for Itti (Netherlands): Mixed media owl painting, handmade art journal with a forest theme (which I sequined), eye pillow (filled with flaxeseed), Rooibos ginger tea, Toblerone, a couple of postcards and water-paintbrushes (you fill the barrel with water).

Every year I take part in Secret Santa on Illustrated ATCs – it’s such fun making gifts for our partners.  Each person that participates fills out a questionnaire with their likes and dislikes and we make the gifts accordingly.  There are also little shop bought bits thrown in.  I haven´t opened the pressies I received yet – waiting for Christmas – the suspense is half the fun!


Pressie for Kittenheart (Sweden): Moomin watercolour, postcard-sized painting of Cadaqués, Toblerone, a couple of postcards, box of oil pastels, Rooibos tea (original) and handmade art journal with an Alice in Wonderland theme (which I quilted).

What I really enjoy about Secret Santa is the chance to challenge yourself a bit.  I have now learned how to make handmade journals!  As a vegan I obviously didn´t want to use leather to bind them, which allowed me to be more creative with the covers and really make them fit each of my partners.

025 009


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