Dizziness and intolerances


I’m 20 days into my (gentle) detox and things are going relatively well.  A couple of days ago I was getting really dizzy in the afternoons (between 3 and 6) and I started wondering if I’m eating enough or if it’s a healing crisis of sorts.  The odd thing is that I have LESS appetite now than before, so I have to remind myself to eat! So, I have my super huge juice – 15 mandarines / 5 oranges / a mixture in the morning, (sometimes) a fruit mid morning and then a big mixed salad with sprouts and avo at lunchtime (around 1-ish).   Then I start teaching around 3 or 4 and that’s when I start getting as little dizzy.  I noticed the days I do an apple juice around 3-ish I don´t have that problem, so I need to eat fruit around 3pm.

Last night I made a brown rice risotto with asparagus, mushrooms and spinach.  I love this dish BUT an hour or so after dinner I noticed reddness on the upper and lower lip lines.  I know from face reading that the upper lip relates to the stomach and the lower lip the intestines. So- I’m definitely intolerant to something in there and I can only think of 2 possible causes – mushrooms and / or Nutritional yeast.  So, the next time I make this dish I’ll forgo the nutritional yeast and see if I get the same sign of intolerance.  Obviously NOT a good detox ingredient either.


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