Monthly Archives: February 2015

Getting back on track


Life has taken over a little in the past few weeks, and bit by bit I have gone off the detox road.  A couple of cups of coffee here, a sandwich there, some pasta, less water and more cava (champagne) and wine on a romantic getaway…. and all of this has added up to me NOT feeling well.  In fact I can say without a doubt that my body DOES NOT like any of it!  I’ve been feeling lethargic, irritafork-in-the-roadble and just not quite right. I have also been feeling a little dizzy for over 2 weeks now (and even though this might very well be related to the CMT) and need to get it checked. My blood pressure may be too low. It’s a little worrying.  Then again the timetline ties in with me going off my super healthy habits…… so it could be anything.

Anyway, it’s done and I have learned an incredible amount about myself, so it’s time to dust myself off and get back on Detox Road!


Freezing toes and lentil soup


Well, I went off my strict (alkaline) fruit / veg detox diet this last week  and had some heavy (vegan) bean, chickpea and lentil dishes. In my defence, the weather has literally been FREEZING (it actually snowed for 20 minutes this morning), and quiet honestly, there is only so much raw veg you can face in depths of an icy winter.  That said, I didn´t feel all that great afterwards and my tum was not happy – so, there’s definitely something in it!