Monthly Archives: March 2015

Deep detox: week 2


I’m feeling fabulous on this high fruit diet.  In just one week I have noticed my joints are not as stiff, and even Miquel has said his back is feeling better and has improved mobility.  So, we’re both seeing the benefits of 2 fruit meals a day.

WEEK 2: 23 – 29 March

Today we start week 2.   The plan is;

  • 2 fruit meals, fruit snacks + 1 veggie meal x 6 days a week
  • fruit ONLY x 1 days a week

Dr Morse addresses my questions & new meal plan


How excited was I to watch Dr Morse’s Q & A # 301 and hear him addressing my questions (16m11s)!  As I’d thought, I have a lot of work to do. He recommends I go on a 100% fruit diet. so I’m moving that way gently, starting with at least 1 full fruit meal a day.  Eye photos here.

Natural skincare


I have always suffered from dry, dehydrated skin and have tried every imaginable product available, with little satisfaction. However some timrose watere ago I decided to go the natural route and have been using 2 simple 100% natural products to clean my skin: Sweet Almond OIl to cleanse and remsweet almondove make up, followed up with Rose Water to tone. The results have been AMAZING, even in the middle of winter where where have to deal with ‘tramontana’ – an extremely strong, drying wind for days on end. I buy both these products online from (they also have online shops all over Europe and the UK)