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The Animal Activist Art book


I’m very excited to announce I am co-authoring a book!

Animal activism art at its finest!our book logo

More than 70 animal activist artists from around the world (all of whom are either vegan or vegetarian) are collaborating in order to raise awareness through their art.

All profits from the sale of the book and crowdfunding campaign will go to ‪#‎Veganuary‬. The crowdfunding campaign will be launched towards the end of summer 2015, the book going on sale before the end of the year.

Please like our page to be kept up to speed as the project develops and share with your friends!


Secret Santa 2014

Ittti pressie 2014

Pressie for Itti (Netherlands): Mixed media owl painting, handmade art journal with a forest theme (which I sequined), eye pillow (filled with flaxeseed), Rooibos ginger tea, Toblerone, a couple of postcards and water-paintbrushes (you fill the barrel with water).

Every year I take part in Secret Santa on Illustrated ATCs – it’s such fun making gifts for our partners.  Each person that participates fills out a questionnaire with their likes and dislikes and we make the gifts accordingly.  There are also little shop bought bits thrown in.  I haven´t opened the pressies I received yet – waiting for Christmas – the suspense is half the fun!


Pressie for Kittenheart (Sweden): Moomin watercolour, postcard-sized painting of Cadaqués, Toblerone, a couple of postcards, box of oil pastels, Rooibos tea (original) and handmade art journal with an Alice in Wonderland theme (which I quilted).

What I really enjoy about Secret Santa is the chance to challenge yourself a bit.  I have now learned how to make handmade journals!  As a vegan I obviously didn´t want to use leather to bind them, which allowed me to be more creative with the covers and really make them fit each of my partners.

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Natural art supplies


Rosemary & Co. watercolour brush

I wanted to share these links – these companies produce superb art supplies.  If you love art as much as I do, or have kids, have a look!

Natural watercolour paints


If you’organic browns 1re looking for a natural range of watercolour paints you can´t go wrong with Colors of Nature. 

The colours are intense and so natural – I absolutely LOVE them!  I did a little series of watercolours inspired by these wonderful colours, earlier this year (this one’s called ‘Organic Browns 1).

Colors of Nature watercolour paints are formulated for high quality performance, whether you are an amateur, student or professional artist. Their watercolors have permanent to excellent lightfastness and can provide opaque to transparent coverage when painting, depending on how much you dilute them with water. Colors are made with pure pigments that create a wide range of colors when you mix them together. Their paints are ACMI certified non-toxic, and made exclusively with plant-based ingredients and mineral-based pigments, creating an earth-friendly and safe paint that won’t compromise your health or your artwork.colors of nature