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Dr. Morse’s Cellular Botanicals


My order of Dr. Morse’s tonics has just arrived!  I ordered them from Angela in Greece at http://herbsfordetox.Dr Morse herbs 4com/

I’ve got:

  1. Adrenal Gland Tonic
  2. Lymphatic System Tonic I
  3. Brain and Nervous System Tonic II
  4. Thyroid & Thymus Tonic

Week 3: deep detox

veg 2 April 2015

This week’s delivery of organic deliciousness.

Spring has arrived with gusto!  I can practically watch the leaves growing on the huge fig tree outside my home office window. I’ve taken to having a little siesta most days in a sunny spot in the living room, for some reason I sleep deeply with the sun shining on my head.


It doesn´t get fresher than this!

I’ve been doing 2 fruit meals (and snacks) and 1 veggie meal and it’s going VERY well.  I tried all fruit one day, but by night time I really needed to have a salad for that saltiness.

Most days I have my orange juice for breakfast, a banana mid morning and then a fruit smoothie for lunch.  Afternoons I snack on fruit and tthen our evening meal is mostly 50% raw and 50% cooked   I imagine I’ll be able to eat raw evening meals as the weather gets warmer and set aside those gorgeous curries for autumn/ winter. We’ve been having loads of ginger, chili and fresh turmeric over the past months, but now the weather calls for more ying foods. If I feel peckish I have fruit in between, being careful not to mix with any other food groups.

Beet juice

Beet, celery & parsley juice

Yesterday our organic veggie/fruit delivery arrived and so I decided to juice beetroot, parsley and celery for lunch today.  It was the first time I’ve ever juiced beetroot (always been a little suspicious of them) – that and my childhood memories of revolting bottled beetroot…… AND celery – another vegetable I’ve taken too, despite knowing how good it is for me.  The verdict – all in all not too bad – I might try celery with carrot another day.  LOVE the gorgeous pink colour!!

I’ve slipped up a couple times and had some coffee when out, but at home I’m only drinking organic Green Rooibos, filtered water and an occassional glass of sparkling Veri.

Getting loads of sleep and rest, meditating, dry skin-brushing and exercising every day.

Weight loss since 01/01/2015: 7,5kg / 16 lbs

Deep detox: week 2


I’m feeling fabulous on this high fruit diet.  In just one week I have noticed my joints are not as stiff, and even Miquel has said his back is feeling better and has improved mobility.  So, we’re both seeing the benefits of 2 fruit meals a day.

WEEK 2: 23 – 29 March

Today we start week 2.   The plan is;

  • 2 fruit meals, fruit snacks + 1 veggie meal x 6 days a week
  • fruit ONLY x 1 days a week

Dr Morse addresses my questions & new meal plan


How excited was I to watch Dr Morse’s Q & A # 301 and hear him addressing my questions (16m11s)!  As I’d thought, I have a lot of work to do. He recommends I go on a 100% fruit diet. so I’m moving that way gently, starting with at least 1 full fruit meal a day.  Eye photos here.

Getting back on track


Life has taken over a little in the past few weeks, and bit by bit I have gone off the detox road.  A couple of cups of coffee here, a sandwich there, some pasta, less water and more cava (champagne) and wine on a romantic getaway…. and all of this has added up to me NOT feeling well.  In fact I can say without a doubt that my body DOES NOT like any of it!  I’ve been feeling lethargic, irritafork-in-the-roadble and just not quite right. I have also been feeling a little dizzy for over 2 weeks now (and even though this might very well be related to the CMT) and need to get it checked. My blood pressure may be too low. It’s a little worrying.  Then again the timetline ties in with me going off my super healthy habits…… so it could be anything.

Anyway, it’s done and I have learned an incredible amount about myself, so it’s time to dust myself off and get back on Detox Road!

Freezing toes and lentil soup


Well, I went off my strict (alkaline) fruit / veg detox diet this last week  and had some heavy (vegan) bean, chickpea and lentil dishes. In my defence, the weather has literally been FREEZING (it actually snowed for 20 minutes this morning), and quiet honestly, there is only so much raw veg you can face in depths of an icy winter.  That said, I didn´t feel all that great afterwards and my tum was not happy – so, there’s definitely something in it!

Dizziness and intolerances


I’m 20 days into my (gentle) detox and things are going relatively well.  A couple of days ago I was getting really dizzy in the afternoons (between 3 and 6) and I started wondering if I’m eating enough or if it’s a healing crisis of sorts.  The odd thing is that I have LESS appetite now than before, so I have to remind myself to eat! So, I have my super huge juice – 15 mandarines / 5 oranges / a mixture in the morning, (sometimes) a fruit mid morning and then a big mixed salad with sprouts and avo at lunchtime (around 1-ish).   Then I start teaching around 3 or 4 and that’s when I start getting as little dizzy.  I noticed the days I do an apple juice around 3-ish I don´t have that problem, so I need to eat fruit around 3pm.

Last night I made a brown rice risotto with asparagus, mushrooms and spinach.  I love this dish BUT an hour or so after dinner I noticed reddness on the upper and lower lip lines.  I know from face reading that the upper lip relates to the stomach and the lower lip the intestines. So- I’m definitely intolerant to something in there and I can only think of 2 possible causes – mushrooms and / or Nutritional yeast.  So, the next time I make this dish I’ll forgo the nutritional yeast and see if I get the same sign of intolerance.  Obviously NOT a good detox ingredient either.

2 weeks into detox


I’ve been feeling FABULOUS on my detox even though I’m not feeling all that great today.

My tummy was a little unsettled today, felt somewhat nauseas, I’m really cold and a bit achy (in odd places, like the back of my left knee and lower back). I’ve got loads of tiny spots coming out on my chest and a round red patch on the back of my left hand (about 1cm).  This seems to be about as much of a healing crisis as I’ve had so far.

On the upside – I have loads more energy in general and can skip my siestas, am feeling positive and focussed and have lost weight (I think it’s about 3kgs). My appetite seems to have reduced quite a bit too. Yesterday we popped into Nana to get some things and I walked past the organic, dark choc stand without blinking (or buying anything).

I tried oil pulling for the first time this afternoon.  I used a teaspoon of coconut oil.  The oil taste isn´t too bad, I had thought it would make me gag, but not really.  Now, using olive oil would probably make me, so I’ll stick to coconut oil.  I oil pulled for 20 minutes.  I’m not sure I can handle doing this every day, so I’ll try twice a week and take it from there.

I did remember to take my basal temp this mornming before getting out of bed – 35,5º.  Yesterday I forgot, but the day before was 36º. I need to do this at least 3 days in a row. Hopefully I’ll remember tomorrow.

Exercising evmeditation-300x237ery morning and remembering to dry skin-brush.  Getting a little meditation in there too, which keeps me grounded.

What I ate today:

  • water and lemon juice while exercising
  • fresh orange juice for breakfast (3 oranges)
  • Large salad for lunch; spinach, celery, radishes, cherry tomatoes, baby greens, fresh parsely, sprouted mung beans, pumpkin seeds – a dash or organic apply cider vinegar and home pressed olive oil.
  • 2 x bananas
  • brown rice with gently stirfried: asparagus, red cabbage and mung beans
  • maybe a pear later on?
  • loads of water and rooibos tea

Today was low on fruit and higher on veggies, and I can honestly say I feel the difference. I have a lot more energy eating more fruit.  Tomorrow – 2 fruit meals and 1 veg.