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Basal temperature study


I have finally remembered to take my temperature every morning for 4 days in a row. According to Dr Morse a normal reading is between 36,6ºC – 36,8ºC (97,8-98,2º)  Dr Morse believes that when your basal temperature is below 36,6, it demonstrates various degrees of hypothyrodiism and when above 36,8, hyperthyroidismthermometer

14/01 = 35,5º

15/01 = 36,1º

16/01 = 35,8º

17/01 = 35,8º

So my temperature ranges between 95,9 and 97ºF, indicating a degree of hypothyroidism.

UPDATE:  2 March 2015: Had blood test done to check thyroid – it all came back OK. Not that that means much.