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I love sprouts!  Mybeing fare sprouter sprouter works very hard and I’ve had to buy another to deal with the mung beans.  What happens is that I like sprouting them until they grow leaves, and then they push the tray above them and everything starts looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!!

So, I bought a  new one today for the mung beans and I’ll use the old one for other smaller sprouts. This one is slightly bigger and very reasonably priced.  It’s called Being Fare Sprouter and it costs under 10€.  Got to order some new seeds, which I will get from here, once I’ve decided which I want.

Oooh, and I also bought some hemp seeds which are apparently SUPER good for you! And some Goji Berries, which I’ve never tried, but after researching alkaline superfoods and watching this YouTube video am sorry I’ve never tried them before! Wow – awesome stuff! Can´t wait to try them!

Handy sprouting info.