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The adventure begins soon…


Well here I am, starting a new blog. Let me warn you from the word go –  I’m not the best of bloggers, I’m not the chatty-writer type and tend to lose interest in blogging after a while, so I’m hoping to stick with this one, at least for the next year.  The reason I’m starting this blog is that I am about to set off on a self-healing adventure and blogging about it is going to be a great way to stay focused.

My little adventure begins on the 1st January 2015 and involves;

  1. going to go 80% + raw vegan.  The vegan part isn´t what I’m worried about – I been doing that for about a year now, it’s the raw bit I’m a little nervous about.  In fact I should be going 100% raw, but I’m going to ease into it a little.  It’s the middle of winter and just thinking about cold food gives me the shivers.  Nevertheless.
  2. eliminating EVERYTHING except fruit and vegetables.  By that I mean coffee, alcohol, grains, bread, pasta, etc, etc.  Let me say it again – EVERYTHING except fruits and vegetables – leaning heavily on the fruits (80%+)
  3. upping my exercise routine.  Long story there – but let’s just say – I need to exercise a lot more than I’ve been doing.  I’m aiming at 6 days out of 7.
  4. other detox-related practices.

Reason for all this apparent craziness is that I am starting a proper detox loosely based on Dr. Robert Morse’s.  I have only recently discovered this amazing man’s work and it really resonates with me.

How long am I planning on doing this?  Quite frankly, I have absolutely no idea –  as long as it takes – I have some serious detoxing to do!!