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Natural skincare


I have always suffered from dry, dehydrated skin and have tried every imaginable product available, with little satisfaction. However some timrose watere ago I decided to go the natural route and have been using 2 simple 100% natural products to clean my skin: Sweet Almond OIl to cleanse and remsweet almondove make up, followed up with Rose Water to tone. The results have been AMAZING, even in the middle of winter where where have to deal with ‘tramontana’ – an extremely strong, drying wind for days on end. I buy both these products online from http://www.ecco-verde.es (they also have online shops all over Europe and the UK)


Lavender Oil


I absolutely adore thelavender smell of lavender and we use it a lot at home.  As a room freshener, a couple drops in the bucket when cleaning floors, wiping down surfaces, to aid sleep, etc, etc.

However there are even more wonderful uses for this amazing oil.  Here’s a great article listing 50 uses for lavender oil.