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Day 5 and feeling fabulous!


Lemon-FruitI’m on day 5 of the detox and feeling remarkably good.  I have A LOT more energy and have been skipping my afternoon siestas.  My appetite seems to have diminished somewhat, my body feels stronger and my face doesn´t look as bloated as usual.

I’ve established a routine;  exercising as soon as I wake up, sipping water with lemon, then dry skin-brushing, showering and having breakfast.  Mid-morning (when possible) I find a sunny spot to sit in and meditate for about 10 minutes.

My menu plan is really simple; mostly fruit for breakfast, salad with seeds & fresh sprouts for lunch and lightly cooked veg at night, sometimes with an alkaline grain like quinoa or millet. Tonight I’m making s imple veggie soup.  I’ve been drinking my ‘magic’ tea, rooibos and water and snacking on fruit  I love the simplicity of it all.

What’s interesting is that I’ve discovered what looks like an intolerance to almonds. At first we thought it was the GI detox capsules that were too strong.  On day 1 and day 3 I had a smoothie that included almonds (which had been soaked) for breakfast and my tummy was REALLY unsettled a couple hours afterwards on both days. Since I stopped eating almonds, I’ve had no problems – so I reckon it must be an intolerance. Just to be sure I’ll experiment again in a week or so.

It’s now 3pm, I had 2 huge glasses of fresh orange juice for breakfast, some green tea when we went shopping and a banana around 2 pm and I’m actually NOT hungry, although I will have a little salad now.   I need to get about 1500 calories a day (trying to lose weight) which is still A LOT of fruit and veg. No chance of going hungry!  Tonight I’ll be making a simple veggie soup supper and then we’re off to the movies!


Step 1: detox


The new year is here and with it a refreshed sense of hope.  Hope that I will see my goals through to fruition. And to be honest, I believe that I will, because I have a real PLAN, not a wishy-washy idea.


First of all,  I’m taking it 3 months at a time.  My overall goal for this year is to dramatically improve my health and the first stedetoxp to that is to CLEAN my body out.

So – today my detox started.  This detox will last until the end of March – possibly longer, I’ll reevaluate that when I get there.  I’ve packed away anything in the kitchen that is not ‘allowed’.

  1. Foods allowed
    apples, bananas, grapes, grapefruit, oranges, papayas, pears, mandarines, pineapple, asparagus, avocadoes, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, lettuce, pumpkin, radishes, cabbage, bell peppers, spinach, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, amararanth, almonds, sprouts, herbal infusions, lemons, olive oil, coconut oil, herbs, spices, apple cider vinegar, Himalayan salt, Goji berries, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, vegan protein powder, fresh garlic, fresh turmeric, pomegranate seeds, seaweed. It’s heavy on the veg as I need time to transition (I’m not a big fruit eater in general) and am thinking of 2 fruit meals + veg meal (plus a possible grain) in the evening – either raw or stir-fried / steamed.  I know Dr Morse would recommend going raw on fruits only, but I really want to make this a lifestyle and not just a detox. So, my way of thinking is to ease into it and as winter turns to spring, ease off on the cooked and have more raw.  I’m giving up: coffee, alchohol, wheat, sugar and the odd processsed vegan meal.
  2. Herbs
    I’m taking herbs to work on my GI tract, lymphatic system, etc… Been on a GI detox programme (bought from another supplier some time ago) and also drink an infusion of Horsetail, Alfalfa, Marshmallow Root, Dandelion Burdock, Goldenrod every day. From next week including another infusion with; Gotu-Kola, Ginkgo Biloba, Skullcap, Mullein, Fenugreek, Bladderwrack (low dose), Bugleweed, Irish Moss and Saw Palmetto
  3. Exercise
    Cycling & stretching – 6-7 times a week.
  4. Skin-brushing
    Every morning before showering – trying to make that a habit, but forget sometimes ;)
  5. Meditation
    I started meditating about 23 years ago. I need to make sure I take enough time out every day to reconnect to Source.
  6. Environment detox
    This is a biggie. I work part-time online and spend far too much time on the computer. Need to cut back on Facebook (a lot).
  7. Skin / home products
    We pretty much use all vegan, bio products, so I just need to tweak the odd thing.