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Week 1 (01/01/2015-07/01/2015)


I´ve come to the end of week 1 and am pleased with how things are going so far.  I haven´t suffered from withdrawl symptoms, which I thought I would, then again I wasn´t overindulging in the things I’ve now eliminated. I have a bit of a headache today, but I think that’s due to how I slept.  I added a little soy sauce to my stirfry last night and didn´t need to the loo at all during the night (water retention?), so I literally didn´t move the entire night, which I’ve discovered is not good for me. I get better quality sleep if I get up at night and change positions.

So, where I am right now;

  • much more energetic (I haven´t been having my daily siesta)
  • my leg muscles feel stronger
  • less appetite, not counting calories at all – just eating when I’m hungry, as much as I want
  • lost 2,6 kg (around 5lbs)
  • more positive
  • besides eating 100% vegan, also completely avoiding; coffee, tea, alcohol, bread, pasta, all wheat products and sucrose
  • small pimples on chest (a good sign)

I’ve got into a morning routine: gentle exercise when I wake (currently only 11 minutes on bike – this is going to increase every week by 1 minute), while sipping lemon water, then dry-skin brushing and shower.  Breakfast: fresh fruit juice.  Mid morning I find a sunny spot to sit in and relax with a bit of meditation.  Routines are important for me.  ThNo-Coffeeey keep me centred.

Plan for week 2;

  • cut the soy sauce altogether (it’s acidic-forming anyway and not good for detoxing)
  • watch the salt (reduce amount)
  • juice apples every day.  Yes, cleaning the darn machine is a schlepp, but the GI detox tabs work much better with it.
  • try 1 day with fruit only – juicing and whole fruit.  Perhaps Saturday?
  • continue with Detox 2 tabs until Sunday
  • continue with Magic Tea – 1 or 2 cups a day
  • avoid almonds until week 3