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The Animal Activist Art book


I’m very excited to announce I am co-authoring a book!

Animal activism art at its finest!our book logo

More than 70 animal activist artists from around the world (all of whom are either vegan or vegetarian) are collaborating in order to raise awareness through their art.

All profits from the sale of the book and crowdfunding campaign will go to ‪#‎Veganuary‬. The crowdfunding campaign will be launched towards the end of summer 2015, the book going on sale before the end of the year.

Please like our page to be kept up to speed as the project develops and share with your friends!



3 days to go!


You still have 3 days to signup!!  If you’re thinking about tryin3-twitter.140350g veganism, do yourself a favour and pop on over to the Veganuary Site. 

The site is packed with all the tools you could possibly need, for example;

and much more…..



Nobody needs to throw a bucket of water over their heads with this challenge

Are you vegan and have friends or family who might be interested? Or, are you taking part and it would be better if your mates joined you?

Simply share this picture and tag in those who you think should try vegan this January.

And send them to this page to take the pledge:



veganuary challenge